Remembering Chiquita "ChiQ" Simms....

Chiquitta "ChiQ" Simms @GoddessofPR
ChiQ and her son, Desean
ChiQ and her staff @ DIVAdend Entertaintment, LLC

On Christmas Eve, While everyone was either wrapping presents or out getting last minute gifts, Chiquita Simms was admitted to the hospital that evening. Know one knew she wouldn't be coming home to spend Christmas with her only son, DeSean, family and friends. She died from a brain aneurysm, that ended her life within hours.

ChiQ was a native of New Orleans but move to Atlanta after her home was destroyed by Katrina. She came to Atlanta with her son DeSean, and nothing else but her faith, hopes & dreams. As a Powerful Publicist, ChiQ was very well known for her great spirit, loving heart and a fiesty ambition. She knew what she wanted and would stop at nothing to achieve her goals.
"I am a publicist FOR HIRE..not for HELP!" was known to be a favorite saying.

ChiQ started her company,DIVAdend Entertainment & Public Relations Firm in 1996. Services included, Media, Marketing, Branding ,Event Planning & Management. She provided services for well known comedians, artists, designers,athletes, churches and other organizations.ChiQ Wediings, was an affiliate events company, she formed and managed under the DIVAdend Entertainment umbrella.

Besides raising a son of her own, Simms was a godmother to the four children of her late best friend, who was murdered several years ago by her domestic partner.

"I tell people I have five kids," she says. "I want each of them to know they have a mom to be proud of who loves them. All of my efforts and accomplishment are for them."

Simms was outspoken about domestic violence. When she was with the YWCA, she coordinated a program as part of the Y's Week Without Violence that featured celebrity speakers who had lost relatives to domestic violence.

My prayers go out to your son, Desean and your family & friends. You will be greatly missed.


Brea Renee xoxo


dee dee cocheta said...

Thank you for honoring ChiQ the Diva! She was a beautiful soul and will always be remembered and live on in each of us that she touched.

Breasworld said...

You are so welcomed! For years she did press releases for others and I wanted to be one of the many to do the same for her. She will always be remembered!!

Ebbie Blanca said...

This is all shocking to me. I have met with her fam (today)and they are doing the best that they can. They are accepting donations to help with the costs of the funeral. Please call her sister, Tamara, and let her know that ChiQ is being supported in her absence and if you can help in any kind of way, I'm sure she will be greatful. 404.488.4693

BG Promotions, (BGP) Inc. said...

In honor of Chiquita Chiq Simms aka "Chiq Diva", owner of Divadend
Entertainment request that donations be made in Lieu of flowers. Your
love and support at this time of bereavement is highly appreciated.
Donations can be made at any Chase Bank. Account # 915797468....
Follow the link:

Breasworld said...

Thank you for your updates @BP Promotions & @Ebbie Blanca.... I've updated my page as well. I pray that the many people who knew her will step forward and support her now when she needs them the most! God Bless you all!!!

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