Remembering Lion King's "SHANNON TAVAREZ"

photo credit: Shavar Ross

Shannon Tavarez, 11, who played the young Nala in hit musical The Lion King was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia in April, just a little more than six months after her Broadway debut in the popular Disney musical.

Shannon was unable to find a bone marrow donor in her long battle with acute myeloid leukemia and passed away on Nov. 1, 2010

Her family and friends attended the service at the Greater Allen AME Cathedral in Queens, NY on Monday, and were reportedly moved to tears as a pre-recorded video message from Tavarez herself was played on a big screen.

“Shannon’s strength and her happy, positive spirit will live on in our hearts and minds each day,” her mother, Odiney Brown, said in a statement. “Shannon’s dream was to perform on stage, and that she did.”

photo credit: Shavar Ross

On Jan. 16, 2011, R.A.R.E will host a Bone Marrow Benefit Concert in Memory of Shannon Tavarez. They are looking for volunteers, promoters, bloggers, press, singers, rappers, poets, dancers, any one with talent or a heart to help. Simply showing up to support or registering to be a donor would be... OUTSTANDING. Ideas, questions & comments can be mailed directly to:
This is so sad! Another young life lost but not forgotten!! May Prayers go out to the Family, Friends and Fans!! Shannon you will be missed!!!

Please show your support! Thank You!!!

Brea Renee xoxo


photos above: Nylon Magazine Oct. 2010 photoshoot


Absolutely, I don’t want to do it if it’s not creative. I studied acting for four years, so I definitely bring my acting training into my music and my performance.

I’ve run into people with tattoos of me or my name on their body – people I’ve never met before in my life. Sometimes as an artist you think, Am I really getting through to people? And I think seeing that reassures me that I am making a mark and that I am connecting.

Recently I’ve been wearing these big straw hats. I started wearing them because I was going to an amusement park and it was going to be really sunny and I kind of wanted to be incognito, but they just look so cute. They’re perfect for bad hair days.

I like decorating homes. When I moved to L.A. people told me to hire an interior designer and I just refused to. Right now I’m going for an all-white theme so it looks like you just stepped into a scene from The Matrix. I should be walking around in a trench coat and you should be calling me Trinity.

Any female rapper that you can think of: I could find something in them that I feel is really, really positive and really connects with me. I definitely looked up to Salt-N-Pepa when I was younger, I love their attitude, I love their facial expressions, I love their wardrobe, I love their voices, I love their records.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker's Divorce Confirmed!!!

I didn't want to post this because of conflicting reports but It's finally been confirmed!
I loved them as a couple. They were cute together but relationships go way beyond the exterior,
It's the interior(your heart) that counts!!!
I wonder what they are going to do about the tattoes they got??

Only God or some other spiritual power can help them now!!

Brea Renee xoxo

Ok Magazine: Rob Patterson & Kristen Stewart Married!!!

They've been denying their relationship forever! Your thoughts???

Brea Renee xoxo


Facebook and MySpace are set to make an unprecedented join announcement today.

“Please join us for an invitation-only announcement by Mike Jones, CEO of Myspace(), and Dan Rose, VP of Partnerships and Platform Marketing, Facebook(),” states the invite. The announcement is set to take place today, November 18, at 12:00 PM PT via webcast.

Our best clue as to what the two companies will announce is that Facebook’s VP for Platform Marketing will be making the joint announcement on behalf of Facebook. If we had to guess, we’d say the announcement will be related to MySpace using the Facebook Platform or Facebook Connect.

MySpace’s recent overhaul of their entire site and UI places the company directly in the entertainment vertical and out of direct competition with Facebook. Now that the company is focusing on content, Facebook Connect or platform integration make sense as a way to increase distribution.

I don't know how true it is but I got this from a news site! Credit: Ben Parr

Can't wait to see how this turns out!

Brea Renee xoxo

Jay Mills, Ra the MC, and Emperess performing "Trouble" at The Red Loung...

The Underated , Talented Writer/Musician/Producer & Most Talked

about D.C. Lyricist " JAY MILLS"

Freestyling Live!!! I love her!!!!

She's on fire!! Check her out!!!

Brea Renee xoxo

Rap Chicks that ROCK!!!!!

Stand Up for the Queen- Lil Kim aka Queen Bee

The Baddest Chick- Trina aka Diamond Princess

Changing the Game- Nicki Minaj aka Barbie

The Bosses- Nicki Minaj & Trina!

Ruff Ryder - "EVE"


Rasheeda the Georgia Peach

All in one picture!! Diamond, Trina, LudaChris, Nicki & Eve!!

Brea Renee xoxo

Baby News!!!! Congratulations Neyo and Monyetta & Pink and Carey!!!!

Congrats goes out to Singer/Songwriter/Producer Neyo on his new baby!!!

Ne-Yo aka Shaffer Chimare Smith and his girlfriend/fiancee/actress, Monyetta Shaw, gave birth to a baby girl named Madilyn Grace Smith on November 12,2010 in Atlanta. Monyetta was expected to deliver in January but she went into labor early and delivered the baby girl prematurely. According to Neyo, both Monyetta and Madilyn are healthy and doing well.


Above: Singer Pink and husband Carey Hart
Photo courtesy of: Alexandra Wyman/WireImage

Pink waited to go on The Ellen Degeneres Show to confirm the rumors
of her pregnancy!The doctor believe that Pink and her husband Carey Hart are expecting a girl!! The show airs tomorrow (Wednesday, Nov.17,2010) Don't forget to watch!!

Jennifer Hudson's New Movie Trailer "Winnie"

Jennifer stars as Winnie Mandela, the wife of Nelson Mandela played by Terrance Howard,the imprisoned activist. Winnie Mandela struggles to overcome Apartheid during her husband's imprisonment. "I will not allow the selfless efforts of my husband to be abandoned," Hudson's character says in the clip. "I will continue the struggle for a free and equal South Africa."

Famous quote:"It always seems impossible until its done." Nelson Mandela

This looks like a winner!!

Brea Renee xoxo

Veteran Hollywood Publicist Fatally Shot & Killed in Beverly Hills Early This Morning!!!

Ronni Chasen, Veteran Hollywood publicist and founder of Chasen & Chasen Publicity, has been identified as the Victim in the early morning homicide in Beverly Hills. She was shot to death in Beverly Hills while driving home from the premiere of Burlesque, a film she was promoting at the Grauman's Chinese Theater.
KTLA reports : Beverly Hills Police found the 64-year-old dead from five gunshot wounds to the chest at about 12:30 a.m. in her E-350 sedan, which had crashed into a light pole on Whittier Drive, just south of Sunset Blvd. Several neighbors in the area heard the gunshots and 911 was called. The second 911 call came in after Chasen crashed her Mercedes. Beverly Hills Paramedics rushed Chasen to Cedars Sinai Hospital where she was pronounced dead .

Police say investigators have not uncovered a motive for the killing, nor identified any suspects.

The Beverly Hills Community and The Hollywood Entertainment Industry is shocked and saddened about Ronni Chasen's sudden death.

Picture courtesy of: Getty Images

This is the last photo taken of Ms. Ronni Chasen at the Burlesque premiere after party Monday night.

My prayers go out to the family and friends of Ms. Chasen. You will be missed!

Brea Renee xoxo

Movies to SEE!!!!

FOR COLORED GIRLS: I haven't seen this movie yet, but I've heard nothing but good reviews from most people. I can only imagine it has to be great because the original play was phenomenal!!!

I went to a private screening earlier this past week and saw this movie @ 20th Century Fox Studios- Little Theater. Nothing but Amazing!!!!
Denzel Washington and Chris Pine star in this intense action packed movie based on an unstoppable runaway train that is headed for destruction. Will these two be able to stop this train before it gets to and destroy the small town Stanton, where their families live??? Go see it and find out!If you get sensitive sometimes like me, you will definitely shed a tear!!!!

Thanks 20th Century Fox for the invite!!!!!

MORNING GLORY:I went to another private early morning screening @ the Grove in LA on this past Friday to see Morning Glory starring Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford. These three stars gave amazing performances.. Rachel I hope you win an award for this one because you played that part to the fullest!! Natasha Bedingfield also performed her song live "Strip Me" from the Morning Glory soundtrack. She has a beautiful voice!! If you are in the mood for a good comedy about the struggles a woman producer goes through on a 9-5, then this is a must see!!

Below are some of the things I got in my goody bag from Morning Glory!!!
Thank You!!

For the non-stop energy she has in the movie, she definitely
needed to consume a daily dose of Vitamin C and some strong coffee.LOL

You Rock Rachel!!!!!!

Brea Renee xoxo

Sonny with a Chance without Sonny "Demi Lovato"??

According to the latest media reports, Disney has decided their show Sonny with a Chance , "Must go on" without the Star, Demi Lovato!"

Due to personal and emotional issues, Demi Lovato, is taking a much needed break. She cancelled her tour with the Jonas brothers to take care of herself and get help.

The third season of Sonny with a Chance will have a different theme and will begin filming again in January as scheduled while allowing Lovato “the time she needs to get well, without distraction or pressure,” the Disney Channel said in a statement to Variety.

Words to Demi: You are a beautiful talented person with a beautiful voice. I'm glad
you are taking responsibilty and getting help. Everybody makes mistakes and no one is perfect. We are all Humans and no one has a right to judge you or anyone else! My prayers go out to you and your family.
Hurry up and get well!! Your fans love you!!!

Brea Renee xoxo

My Journey to Atlanta!!

The past 2 months I traveled crossed states from LA to Atlanta, a 33hr drive. On the way back wasn't so bad but going was a nightmare because we had to drive through heavy rain. We also got a chance to stop in Dallas,Texas; a place I use to stay.

Before I left Atlanta, they were building up Atlantic Station in Midtown. When I visited this time I got a chance to see it! I ate at Fish Hooks (Formerly known as Bone Heads) and the food was delicious!!Atlantic Station is a beautiful place to hang with family or friends on the weekends.

Me, my best friend Larnika, and my cousin Jasman

on the set of Lil'Dudes Music Video "Dem Jeans"

Posing in the parking lot of the studio.

Larnika and I at the first location of filming:
The Art Institute of Atlanta! I love that place.

Nicki Minaj- Right Thru Me Music Video!!!!


Multi-talented Actress, Singer & Musician, China Anne McClain inks a deal with Disney to star in her new show Ant Farm.

China will play 12-year-old middle schooler named Chyna Sparks,who is a musical prodigy that is promoted into a gifted program called Accelerated Natural Talent at the local high school.
Chyna and her ANTs must survive high school, while they are obviously not welcome there.

She is absolutely Amazing!!!! You've seen her on Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls, House of Payne, Grown Ups, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place and now she will be on Disney's Ant Farm!!!

I am so excited for her! She deserves it!!!
Not only does she have talent, all her siblings are triple threats too: Sierra McClain, Lauryn McClain and Gabriel Mcclain. All were in the movie Daddy's Little Girl too and they can all sing!!!

Lauryn, China, Sierra and Me(Brea Renee)
These girls are so talented,humble,kind and adorable!!! I love them. Smooches!!!

Congratulations China!!!!! Many Blessings!!!

Brea Renee xoxo

Who is Tisha Brenee?

Tisha Brenee is a Beautiful & Talented Model, Actress, Photographer & College Student!! She is also my friend and owns part of my first and middle name combined.LOL! So please show her some luv. THANKS!!!


I believe we were all born leaders, but sometimes we get caught up with what others are doing, that we can't see our own vision & dreams through! Do you and focus on being the best you can be!! You can't live your life in someone else's shadow!!! I Dare you to be Different!!

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Brea Renee xoxo

Lanvin's exclusive collection @ H & M stores!!!!

On November 23, 2010, Lanvin's exclusive collection will be in H&M stores worldwide and in select stores on 11/20/10.
Lanvin for H&M offers quality fashion at low prices!! Where will you be shopping for Lanvin?
H&M or Barney's!!!
P.s. "I'll be at H&M!" Wink!
Brea Renee xoxo

I finally met "Hilary Duff"!!!

Yep, I gotta admit. I'm a huge fan of the Lizzie McGuire Disney Show. After all these years,

I finally met Hilary Duff and she is Beautiful! The picture speaks for itself!! Thanks Hilary!! ily!!

Brea Renee xoxo

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