I finally met "Hilary Duff"!!!

Yep, I gotta admit. I'm a huge fan of the Lizzie McGuire Disney Show. After all these years,

I finally met Hilary Duff and she is Beautiful! The picture speaks for itself!! Thanks Hilary!! ily!!

Brea Renee xoxo


Ms. King said...

OMG! how cool are you? LOL! Me & my sis used to watch her show all the time. Cute pic!

Meshia said...

Lizzie McGuire!! I loved that show.

Breasworld said...

@Ms. King: That moment was priceless!!! I felt so cool after meeting her!!!
@Meshia I loved that show too. I was glued to the Tv everyday and also had my mom buying everything that Hilary Duff was attached to!!

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