Update on Chiquita "Chiq" Simms "The Family Needs Your Help!!!"


The family of the late Publicist Chiquita Simms, has an account set up at Chase Bank Acct. Name: Tamara Mitchum (Acct#915797468) for funeral arrangements, In lieu of flower donations.You can call 404.488.4693 for more info.
We Thank everyone in advance for your support!!!!! No donation given is too small!!!

ChiQ's funeral will be Sat., Jan. 8th,2011 at Life Center Cathedral- One Life Center Drive, New Orleans, LA 70114.Ph.(504) 362-7034
Viewing will be from 8-9am & Services start at 9am.

God Bless all of you who continue to support her even though she's gone!!!
"RIP ChiQ"

Thank You Dee Dee @ABCPublicity for the updates!

Brea Renee xoxo

Remembering the Legendary, Soul Singer "Teena Marie"...

I am still shocked by this news-

Legendary R&B/Soul Singer, Four time Grammy Award nominee, Teena Marie Dies At 54!!!!!
Teena Marie was found dead Sunday at her California home by her 18-year-old daughter, Alia Rose Brockert after apparently dying in her sleep.She was presumed dead after her daughter was unable to wake her in her bed.

"Teena was a black voice trapped in a white body," said Cathy Hughes, founder of Radio One, a broadcasting company that targets African-American and urban listeners. "I would always tell her that she was one of the greatest vocalists of our time."

The singer's publicist Lynn Jeter said that Marie suffered a grand mal seizure a month ago. This type of seizure is one of the worst; marked by loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions. Teena was apparently taking medication for the seizures, but reduced her dosage herself, because it made her feel suicidal,according to news reports. At this time, the cause of death has not been released.

Since I was a 90's baby, I didn't know her, but I knew her songs. I used to sing her songs and didn't know who she really was until I start researching her and all the songs she sang.Marie was known for hits such as “Square Biz,” “Lovergirl,” “Behind the Groove,” and “Out on A Limb.” Teena Marie was another R&B legend gone too soon!!!

Her daughter, Alia a.k.a Rose Lebeau, has an amazing voice!! I'm pretty sure she will be following in her mom's footsteps!! RIP Ms. Teena!! We love and miss you!!!My prayers go out to Alia, her family, friends and fans!!!


Brea Renee xoxo

Remembering Chiquita "ChiQ" Simms....

Chiquitta "ChiQ" Simms @GoddessofPR
ChiQ and her son, Desean
ChiQ and her staff @ DIVAdend Entertaintment, LLC

On Christmas Eve, While everyone was either wrapping presents or out getting last minute gifts, Chiquita Simms was admitted to the hospital that evening. Know one knew she wouldn't be coming home to spend Christmas with her only son, DeSean, family and friends. She died from a brain aneurysm, that ended her life within hours.

ChiQ was a native of New Orleans but move to Atlanta after her home was destroyed by Katrina. She came to Atlanta with her son DeSean, and nothing else but her faith, hopes & dreams. As a Powerful Publicist, ChiQ was very well known for her great spirit, loving heart and a fiesty ambition. She knew what she wanted and would stop at nothing to achieve her goals.
"I am a publicist FOR HIRE..not for HELP!" was known to be a favorite saying.

ChiQ started her company,DIVAdend Entertainment & Public Relations Firm in 1996. Services included, Media, Marketing, Branding ,Event Planning & Management. She provided services for well known comedians, artists, designers,athletes, churches and other organizations.ChiQ Wediings, was an affiliate events company, she formed and managed under the DIVAdend Entertainment umbrella.

Besides raising a son of her own, Simms was a godmother to the four children of her late best friend, who was murdered several years ago by her domestic partner.

"I tell people I have five kids," she says. "I want each of them to know they have a mom to be proud of who loves them. All of my efforts and accomplishment are for them."

Simms was outspoken about domestic violence. When she was with the YWCA, she coordinated a program as part of the Y's Week Without Violence that featured celebrity speakers who had lost relatives to domestic violence.

My prayers go out to your son, Desean and your family & friends. You will be greatly missed.


Brea Renee xoxo

Jimmy Choo + UGGs = Elegance and Comfort in 1 !!!

From left to right: Kaia Leopard, Mandah, Kaia Zebra, Siobhan and Starlit

Elegance and Comfort in ONE boot!!!

What can you say about the new Jimmy Choo UGG combination range? The first thing that springs to mind is "WOW". These are totally unique, stylish, trendy, fashionable and all have wonderful comfort to match. With sheepskin interiors your feet will have never felt quite so comfortable before. These high boots are produced with UGG and Jimmy Choo, 2 of the worlds leading footwear companies, who have came up with the ultimate winter boots!

There are 6 new boots available in total, which are available in different styles and colors, allowing you to pretty much pick out whatever you fancy and wear the boots to suite a unique you. Each boot has its very own individual name. They are as follows:

Mandah - This beautiful boot is has gold and silver colors on a black soft boot. Only available in one style, one design and one color.

•Kaia (zebra) - Is a completely unique boot, one like has never been seen before. Comes in Charcoal Zebra style, in a charcoal and also in a lighter cream color.

•Starlit - Is available in a black and also a sandy color. This boot has tassel effect coming from the leg high end of the boot, and little silver stars placed all over it.

Sora - This is a slightly more plain boot, still using the tassel effect but more in the form of the original UGG boot. These are available in black, sand, and brown.

•Siobhan - This boot is a woolen lacey type boot, which is stylish and mega trendy with tassels coming down the side. Available to buy only in charcoal.

•Kaia(leopard) - If the Zebra style isn't your first choice then perhaps this leopard skin effect boot will be. Gorgeous with gold decorations on a highly noticeable, but elegant boot!

Spotlight!! 3 Upcoming teen artists to look out for!!!!

I justed wanted to show my love and support for 3 upcoming teen artists that I've known for a while...... "Mariah I. Wilson,Mitchel Royel and preteen Leeah D."

Multi-Talented Teen Actress/Singer/Songwriter, Mariah I. Wilson a.k.a "Magic" from Dream Girls!!! Please support her music!!!!

Follow her on:

MITCHELL ROYEL- Multi-Talented Musician,Songwriter, Artist & Actor.....

LEEAH D- Multi-Talented Actress, Rapper, Singer,Musician, Host & Entertainer....

Please follow & support her music!!! Thanks!!


Follow her on:
Twitter :!/LeeahD




Brea Renee xoxo

Blake Lively- The New Face of CHANEL!!!!

It has been confirmed that Gossip Girl, Blake Lively, has been chosen for Chanel's 2011 Campaign Ad.

For years, Blake has been wearing designs by Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s creative director.

Congratulations Blake!!!


Yep! I missed it!!One of the biggest fashion shows of 2010!!! The show aired on November 30, 2010. Don't remember what I was doing but I forgot to TIVO it. Thank God for the internet!!! Check out the pics below of these fashionable angels!! Enjoy!!!!

One Day............LOL

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