Jimmy Choo + UGGs = Elegance and Comfort in 1 !!!

From left to right: Kaia Leopard, Mandah, Kaia Zebra, Siobhan and Starlit

Elegance and Comfort in ONE boot!!!

What can you say about the new Jimmy Choo UGG combination range? The first thing that springs to mind is "WOW". These are totally unique, stylish, trendy, fashionable and all have wonderful comfort to match. With sheepskin interiors your feet will have never felt quite so comfortable before. These high boots are produced with UGG and Jimmy Choo, 2 of the worlds leading footwear companies, who have came up with the ultimate winter boots!

There are 6 new boots available in total, which are available in different styles and colors, allowing you to pretty much pick out whatever you fancy and wear the boots to suite a unique you. Each boot has its very own individual name. They are as follows:

Mandah - This beautiful boot is has gold and silver colors on a black soft boot. Only available in one style, one design and one color.

•Kaia (zebra) - Is a completely unique boot, one like has never been seen before. Comes in Charcoal Zebra style, in a charcoal and also in a lighter cream color.

•Starlit - Is available in a black and also a sandy color. This boot has tassel effect coming from the leg high end of the boot, and little silver stars placed all over it.

Sora - This is a slightly more plain boot, still using the tassel effect but more in the form of the original UGG boot. These are available in black, sand, and brown.

•Siobhan - This boot is a woolen lacey type boot, which is stylish and mega trendy with tassels coming down the side. Available to buy only in charcoal.

•Kaia(leopard) - If the Zebra style isn't your first choice then perhaps this leopard skin effect boot will be. Gorgeous with gold decorations on a highly noticeable, but elegant boot!


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