Who is TAREYAH ?

I got a chance to meet the amazingly talented, Tareyah, on Sept. 18 2009. She flew out to LA to surprise me for my 16th Birthday Party.
Tareyah is the Founder, Chief Editor, Web Designer and Headmaster of YBS also known as YOUNG BLACK

Recently, I got a chance to find out some things about her, that I never knew.
Since, she is extremely busy, I asked her only 5 questions, that her fans and other YBS members would like to know:

Q. What made you start YBS?

A. I started Young Black Starz back in November 2004 and at the time it was an all girls website under a different name. What prompted me to start the website, honestly, was the fact that I was tired of not seeing much support for young stars of color. It really bothered me seeing so many support sites for young talents but rarely seeing any Black children featured on them. I wanted to see more support for young black talents and since I believe that any change I wish to see should begin with me, I felt it my duty to create the website myself, so I did.

Q. Do you have any pets?

A. I'm not really an animal person, so no, but I would love to have a dolphin someday! A lot of people think that's crazy.

Q. Who do you have a crush on?

A. Well, today I saw a guy while I was at the mall who I really have a crush on now. I think I'm going back tomorrow just to see him again. LOL (Kiddin'...) but... Celebrity-Wise? Trey Songz!!!lot.

Q. If you had a chance to go on a vacation anywhere, Where would it be?

A. Somewhere in The Caribbean! It's so beautiful there and I love nature! The sun, the water, all the beaches... I would love to visit there someday.

Q. If your hand had a stamp on it, What would it say? Believer.

A. Believer!! I am a firm believer in the Lord, a believer in myself, and I believe that all things are possible!

I had alot of fun doing this interview, because what many of you do not know is REYAH is very shy!!!! So it was great putting the spotlight on her for a change!!

Reyah keeps this popular site running, with the help of staff member, Crystal;19, who is also the Co-editor and Webzine editor for YBS.

Random Fact: Both of these talented ladies are currently in college and they are both majoring in WEB DESIGN and INTERACTIVE MEDIA.
So cool!!!!

Keep supporting and encouraging The Young Black Starz!!!!!

"Thank You REYAH & CRYSTAL!!!" Good Luck to the Both of you!!!To get more information about Tareyah, Please visit her site @

You can also follow her on twitter @ikeepsitFUNkii and

The New Apple IPAD reaches 1 million in sales!!

According to;

It took Apple less than a month to sell 1 million iPads. According to the company, the milestone was reached April 30, the same day that its iPad 3G launched, and 28 days after the first iPad models went on sale. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster reported that the 3G models were sold out in 49 of the 50 Apple retail stores he contacted.

On the same day that Apple launched its newest iPad tablet, the company also sold its 1 millionth iPad, less than a month after the device's debut.

Apple officials announced May 3 that the company sold its millionth iPad April 30, and that iPad users had to that point downloaded more than 12 million applications from the App Store and more than 1.5 million ebooks from Apples new iBookstore.

Resource Library:

Apple sold one million iPads in 28 days -- that's less than half the 74 days it took to achieve this mileston with the iPhone," Apple CEO Steve Jobs said in a statement. "Demand continues to exceed supply and we're working hard to get this magical product into the hands of even more customers."

That demand was highlighted April 30, when Apple launched the newest iPad tablet with both WiFi access and 3G connectivity via AT&T. Officials with Apple retail locations in major cities said they sold out of the iPad 3G models by May 2.

In a May 2 research note, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster estimated that Apple sold about 300,000 iPad 3Gs over the weekend, including preordered units and online sales.

With estimates based on checks with 50 Apple stores—49 of which reported being out of stock of 3G models by Sunday—Munster believes Apple has likely now sold more than 1 million iPads in total.

In May 2009, Munster was among the very first to report that Apple was at work on a slatelike device, which at the time he estimated would run between $500 and $700. Today, Apple sells six versions of the iPad—three with WiFi only and three with WiFi and 3G—with pricing from $499 to $829. On May 3, all six were listed on the Apple site as shipping not within 24 hours but “within 5 - 7 business days.”

Customers on the Apple site are limited to purchases of just two devices.

Just as Apple is known for modest financial projections—enjoying a wow factor on a then expectation-exceeding delivery—it’s unclear just how well it stocked its stores.

The newest iPad went on sale April 30 at 5 p.m. at the New York flagship store, and a spokeswoman for Best Buy said the store had “very limited inventory” for sale that afternoon, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Munster, however, wrote that the sold-out supplies were likely due to strong demand coupled with lower-than-intended supply.

“Near-term, this may put downward pressure on launch day/weekend statistics, but long-term we see it as a positive, as consumers are definitely interested in the iPad as a new category,” wrote Munster. “In the first several quarters, we believe Apple will sell about 60 percent WiFi-only iPads and 40 percent 3G models.”

At, a May 3 search for iPads turned up more than 1,800 matched listings, more than 1,200 of which were WiFi-only models—which suggests that the same early supporters who rushed to buy the WiFi-only model may be ready to pass on their iPad and be amongst the first Apple fans with an iPad 3G.

"Once again, we highlight our view that Apple remains the best technology company on the planet with numerous catalysts on the horizon—e.g., international iPhone ramp, iPad ramp, emerging recurring revenue stream, etc.—and no business model issues,” Marshall wrote.

So, what do you think? Are you going to join the millions and buy one too?

Peace, Brea xoxo

Toyota Plans to Recall 300,000 Prius

According to

The popular echo friendly car, Toyota Pruis, has a global recall.

Toyota plans to recall about 300,000 Prius hybrids worldwide over a brake problem and will notify the U.S. and Japanese governments Tuesday, a news report said.

The recall of the gas-electric Prius will cover cars that went on sale since May last year through January, Kyodo news agency reported late Monday.

Kyodo, which did not identify its sources for the information, said the automaker will notify authorities in Japan and the U.S. of its plan, which will cover more than 270,000 of the hybrids sold in the two countries.

Toyota spokeswoman Ririko Takeuchi said no decision on a Prius recall has been made. Kenji Sugai, an official in Japan's Transport Ministry section in charge of recalls, said it had not been informed of any such plan by Toyota.

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The Kyodo report follows others in Japanese media recently that the world's largest automaker has decided to announce a recall early this week. The company has only said it will soon announce plans to deal with the braking problem.

At least 100 drivers of Prius cars in the U.S. have complained to the government that their antilock brakes seemed to fail momentarily while driving on bumpy roads. The Japanese government has also received dozens of complaints. Toyota plans to fix a software glitch to correct the problem. The government says the problem is suspected in four crashes that caused two minor injuries.

Toyota says the brakes will work if the driver keeps pushing the pedal.

Toyota has already recalled more than 7 million other cars for repairs in the U.S. and other countries over a sticky accelerator and floor mats that can get caught in the gas pedal.

The Prius is the world's top-selling gas-electric hybrid and its fuel efficiency has drawn intense interest amid concerns about global warming and dependence on fossil fuels.

Toyota has sold 300,000 of the vehicles in about 60 countries. Kyodo reported recalls in other countries will follow those in Japan and the U.S. The company says it has already fixed vehicles that went on sale since last month.

Though there have been reports that Toyota will recall the cars, the company has an option of a "service campaign," in which the company would simply notify owners to bring their cars in for repairs.

This was one of the cars on my list while car shopping. I guess I need to reconsider my options.

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