Who is TAREYAH ?

I got a chance to meet the amazingly talented, Tareyah, on Sept. 18 2009. She flew out to LA to surprise me for my 16th Birthday Party.
Tareyah is the Founder, Chief Editor, Web Designer and Headmaster of YBS also known as YOUNG BLACK

Recently, I got a chance to find out some things about her, that I never knew.
Since, she is extremely busy, I asked her only 5 questions, that her fans and other YBS members would like to know:

Q. What made you start YBS?

A. I started Young Black Starz back in November 2004 and at the time it was an all girls website under a different name. What prompted me to start the website, honestly, was the fact that I was tired of not seeing much support for young stars of color. It really bothered me seeing so many support sites for young talents but rarely seeing any Black children featured on them. I wanted to see more support for young black talents and since I believe that any change I wish to see should begin with me, I felt it my duty to create the website myself, so I did.

Q. Do you have any pets?

A. I'm not really an animal person, so no, but I would love to have a dolphin someday! A lot of people think that's crazy.

Q. Who do you have a crush on?

A. Well, today I saw a guy while I was at the mall who I really have a crush on now. I think I'm going back tomorrow just to see him again. LOL (Kiddin'...) but... Celebrity-Wise? Trey Songz!!!lot.

Q. If you had a chance to go on a vacation anywhere, Where would it be?

A. Somewhere in The Caribbean! It's so beautiful there and I love nature! The sun, the water, all the beaches... I would love to visit there someday.

Q. If your hand had a stamp on it, What would it say? Believer.

A. Believer!! I am a firm believer in the Lord, a believer in myself, and I believe that all things are possible!

I had alot of fun doing this interview, because what many of you do not know is REYAH is very shy!!!! So it was great putting the spotlight on her for a change!!

Reyah keeps this popular site running, with the help of staff member, Crystal;19, who is also the Co-editor and Webzine editor for YBS.

Random Fact: Both of these talented ladies are currently in college and they are both majoring in WEB DESIGN and INTERACTIVE MEDIA.
So cool!!!!

Keep supporting and encouraging The Young Black Starz!!!!!

"Thank You REYAH & CRYSTAL!!!" Good Luck to the Both of you!!!To get more information about Tareyah, Please visit her site @

You can also follow her on twitter @ikeepsitFUNkii and


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