Pray for Bobbi Kristina!!

Bobbi Kristina has been through alot during her childhood and this is the result of it. From the alleged stabbing attempt on her mom Whitney to a suicide attempt by trying to cut her wrist at the age of 15. Then drinking, drugs, partying and now an alleged sex tape!! Both Bobby & Whitney have tried to talk her into rehab but she refuses because she feels she doesn't have a problem with drugs.
These pictures have surfaced on the web of her lifestyle and this has to stop!! She is a beautiful & blessed young girl, that can have a wonderful future, if she wants it!

Please keep her and her family in your prayers!! They need all the support they can get right now!!!

Photo Credit: Straight from the A

Brea Renee xoxo


Ms. King said...

Yeah, I saw these pics in a magazine. She denies them and says someome set her up to make it look this way. Idk what to believe. If the rumors are true, I hope she seeks help and fast. She is a very beautiful young lady and has a promising future.

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