Rebecca Black=Winning on iTunes & You Tube!!!

Ok Everyone, I waited before I decided to post a comment about this and I'm glad I did! This overnight Youtube sensation, Rebecca Black, is known for her music video "Friday", which received so many negative comments,as of this date has over 33 million hits on You Tube!!She has been trending on all the social networks!!No matter how bad her video may seem, she is laughing all the way to the bank!! Rebecca is like any other 13 year old, trying to pursue her dreams. She went to the Ark Music Factory in LA, who helped her accomplish her goals by writing her a song and filming a music video, which was included in the package deal for $2000, that her mom paid for. Rebecca said she did the song because it was a fun song for her age group. She didn't expect this outcome.
According to Black's song "Friday" has incurred over two million downloads. Based on Apple's payment agreement Black will receive .70 cents for every download. Do the math and that equals $1.4 million dollars. Now that payment agreement only applies to songs downloaded in the U.S. We were unable to find what Apple pays for songs downloaded outside of the U.S., but odds are that it isn't that much less. Take into account that her song is still selling strong and in the end you have Rebecca Black entering the millionaires club. You can also add $20,000 dollars made so far from all the YouTube views her video has had. According to Forbes, based on the number of views her video has received, and the payment agreement YouTube has with content uploaders who have ads on their videos, and Black will receive another $20,000. This whole story is quite amazing and ridiculous at the same time. The only reason that Black has received so many YouTube views and iTunes downloads is because her song is so bad. People who want to make fun of her are actually helping her become a millionaire.

Credit/Livejournal/Forbes/ArkMusic Factory

For those who haven't seen the video yet- Here it is!! Remember Guys she's only 13, Don't be so hard on her!!! At least she tried!!!
Yay! #Team Rebecca!!! You go gurl- Get Paid!!!


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