This all began this afternoon when a 22 year old, African American young man, by the name of "Joshua",received a devastating phone call today, that led him to this suicide attempt on the roof of the Colony Square building,located at 1201 Peachtree St NE, in Midtown Atlanta.

I heard the news today, while driving in my car from V103's Radio Station with Rashan Ali and Ryan Cameron. Ryan was on site to cover the story as soon as he heard the news. Rashan covered the news on air,with the public.

I just kept praying for this young man's life, and knew that GOD will bring someone forward to touch this man's heart, mind and soul to make him want to live again.
Due to the fact, that there are so many prominent and influentual people here in Atlanta, I knew someone had to be here within reach, who can relate to his situation and encourage him, not to end his life.

Then I heard "Rapper T.I." aka Clifford Harris", came to offer his help!!!
Thank You GOD!!! That's all I could say!!!!!!!!!!
I knew right then if anyone could talk to him I knew T.I. could!!!!
T.I. assisted the police and negotiator by offering to speak with this young man.
A video message was delivered to "Joshua" to let him know, TI was downstairs, and wanted to speak to him. Joshua agreed and came down!!!

Ryan and Rashan briefly spoke to T.I. after he talked to Joshua. T.I. said "I can't take any credit for what happened today,"GOD sent me in that direction, when I was on the way to shoot my music video." Everyone was curious about what T.I. said to Joshua that made him change his mind??
T.I. stated, "Whatever the problem is, You will get through this, You know I know!" T.I. also told Joshua, If there is anything he can do to help his situation, he was willing to do that for him!!!!

During this whole coverage, my heart was racing!!! It wasn't until, Ryan asked T.I about his response to what the public would think about him coming forward at this time, due to his current situation, that got me emotional. T.I. responded by saying, In no way, he is expecting what happen today, to have any effect on his situation." He continued, by apologizing and asked for forgiveness of his fans, friends and ATLANTA, for letting them down, with his recent arrest, but plans to make it up to everyone some way. I truly believe what he did today was "SINCERE and he spoke from his HEART!" Why did he go down to help assist the police?? Because that's just who he is, "T.I.", Not the person the media portrays him to be!!!

People can say they are KING all day long but don't live up to the name. If you didn't know, now you do! T.I. is the KING!!!!

"No matter what,through Thick and Thin, I've been T.I's. #1 fan from day one!!"
We are all "HUMAN" and Everyone is going to make "MISTAKES" in their lives. GOD doesn't expect us to be PERFECT, he only expects PROGRESS!!! We live and learn from our mistakes which makes us all grow into a better person that we are today. After all his ups and downs, T.I. manages to bounce back, learning from his mistakes,spreading positivity to the youths and giving back any way he can!!!

To: Joshua ,his family and friends; Please continue to Pray & Ask God for strength and direction. Continue to give Joshua love and the support he desperately needs right now!! Whatever happened today can easily happen tomorrow!!!

T.I. is due to appear in court, this Friday, Oct 15, 2010 for a probration violation.
I would like for everyone to pray for him and his family!!! Thank You!!!




Meshia said...

Yea I saw that on the news this morning. He seems like such a caring person and he has a big heart for people. I will be praying for him and his family.

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