I'm Baccccckkkk!

Yesss, I know it's been a long time! Being in nursing school full time, 5 days a week, has me extremely tired with no time to do anything else. When I'm not in school, I'm home studying or sleeping. My social life has decrease drastically, leaving me with no energy to reach out to family and friends on the weekends. I am now prioritizing my time, so that I can have some "me" time, and still be on top of my school work. I have been to a couple of industry events , when I had some time to spare, but not many. I have set aside an hour on Saturday afternoons to do my blogging. Hopefully this works!

Thank you all for being patient!! Stay tuned for more updates....

Have a Blessed Sunday!!

Brea Renee


Meshia said...

Your schedule sounds like mine. Work, School, and Sleep.

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