American Girls the movie begins filming January 2012!!

I'm so excited to announce that I will be joining the cast of the most anticipated American Girls movie !!

This will be my first horror film and I am so ready!! I just hope I don't get killed in the beginning of the movie. lol

"American Girls" is based
on horrific true events; It is a dark, nihilistic tale about the abduction, rape and murder of two high school girls and the fallout that nearly decimates a small Mid-Western town as long buried secrets surface when the police begin to put together the pieces of the crime. Using the frame work of movies such as "The Social Network", "American Girls" offers no easy answers. Using multiple character points of view; the film presents a harrowing, psychologically astute look at a tragic crime and an uncompromising glimpse at what contributed to the death of the girls, the aftermath their families face and the utterly evil persona's of their killers.

The film stars Devanny Pinn, Kristina Page, Burgandi Phoenix, Brandon Slagle, Josh Hammond, Tawny Amber Young, Chriss Anglin, Jessica Cameron, Kyle Morris, David Carter-T, Carlos Ramirez, Brea Renee and more TBA.

This is the AFM marketed teaser trailer for the Wetwork Media/Pinnovating Productions/Zeroinside Films production of "AMERICAN GIRLS" - directed by Eric Anthony Pereira. Graphic images are in the trailer below:

The song in this trailer is "You Are My Sunshine", performed by Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan.

Trailer Credits:
Directed/Shot/Edited by Brandon Slagle

Stay Tuned for more updates!!

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