My Favorites- "Perfumes''

So I decided that each month I will be treating myself to something Special that I like! Since I didn't get a chance to post "My Favorite"for January, I will do a double post today since it's Feb.1, 2011. I am indulging on My Favorite Perfumes & Lotions this month.

My first one that I truly love is Jessica McClintock Eau de Parfum Spray for Women! Ladies if you haven't tried this scent you need too!!! It's one of those scents that has everyone saying, "What perfume do you have on!"

It's only 2 of the 6 perfumes that I wear that turn heads! The second one is a sweet one called PINK SUGAR by Aquolina!!! It says it all in the name! I'm an addict for this one!!! I don't think there is another perfume that smells like this, if it is please let me know...Wink! xoxo


Meshia said...

I just purchased Body Fantasies Signature Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Spray yesterday and the fragrance is so awesome and lasts all day long. I change perfumes often because I get tired of the same smell after a long time. I might try your picks next. Thanks!

Breasworld said...

Hey Mesia! That sounds like a winner! I think I will put that on my list.. Where did you buy it from?
Thanks for your comment!

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