VOTE for CHINA ANNE McCLAIN for Disney's Next Breakout Artist!!!

Everyone please support China McClain (Daddy's Lil Girls, House of Payne & the New Disney Show "Ant Farm") and vote for her on RADIO.Disney.Go.Com-Look for Quick Poll and check her name.Then press submit! Thanks!!!!!
Here's the link:
If you don't believe she should be the next breakout artist see for yourself on the video below.....

video courtesy of 3McClain Girls-YouTube

She is Amazing!!! Go VOTE for China Now!!! Thanks!!!!!

Brea Renee xoxo


Meshia said...

How do you vote? I went to the link. What do I do after that?

Breasworld said...

Hi Meshia!
I put all the instructions above,but when you click on the link-> go to Quick Poll, then find her name at the bottom-> then click submit! Let me know if you find it. Thanks for your support! xoxo

Meshia said...

I found it! I saw the instructions above but I couldn't find the quick poll thing because it was so small but I just found it and voted for China. Thanks! I see she is in the lead. :)

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