Remembering Kelvin and Demetria Dorsey: Car Being Chased By Police Kills Couple In Crash in LA

Photo: Kelvin Dorsey 54 and wife Demetria Dorsey,50 killed on New Years Eve.

credit: CBS/

This news brings tears to my eyes. A family is mourning the loss of the parents and loved ones who didn't make it to see 2011 because of a selfish & heartless drunk driver,27 year old, Jorge Molina of Culver City, CA., who ran a red light during a police chase.
Police accused Molina of driving under the influence of alcohol and he was booked on two counts of murder.

Kelvin Dorsey, who was driving a white sports utility vehicle, died at the scene. Demetria Dorsey, who was a passenger in the car, was critically injured in the crash, but died a short time later at the hospital.

The Dorsey's were both Christians and had been returning from church when the accident happened. Kelvin was a retired Postal worker, while his wife, Demetria, was a postal supervisor.

Please get to know God because tomorrow is not promised to us!!

My prayers go out to their kids, family & friends. They are gone but not forgotten!!God Bless you all!!!


Meshia said...

Oh my God that is so sad and very tragic. My heart goes out to their family. It truly is time to start building a relationship with God because we never know when he might call us home to glory.

Breasworld said...

Yes Meshia, this is another sudden tragedy!! I'm lost for words. No matter how much we say "DON"T DRINK & DRIVE", people selfishly still continue to do it!!!Just the thought of this driver,still breathing & getting up to run away from the scene is heart breaking. The Dorsey's didn't have that chance but he will pay dearly with God for taking those 2 innocent lives!!! Thank You for your comment!!

Ms. King said...

This is very sad. ALot of people did not make in into 2011. I'm just thankful that I was given a chance to see it. I was in an accident the day after Christmas a driver ran the stop sign. I'm thankful to still be alive. My heart goes out to this family...

Anonymous said...

This is shocking news. She was the best supervisor at the crenshaw post office. She will be greatly missed.

Meriska said...

Dorsey family your in my prayers....Mariska

wanda swain said...

When my husband and I receieved the horrible news of the lost of Kelvin and Dementria Dorsey I couldn't do anything but fall to my knees in grief. We moved to Georgia over 5 years ago, but never from our postal family. Kelvin's smile will never be forgotten. I remembered Dementria from the stations, beautiful person and will be missed. Our prayers are for the family and the postal family in this great lost. Our prayer is that God will strenghten all of our hearts as we try to make since of this great lost. We are Earl & Wanda Swain, still postal family. May their souls and the souls of all the faithfully departed through the Mercy of God Rest in Peace...Amen

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