Flip the Script Premiere & Holiday Party on 12/4/10

This past weekend, I attended A & B Productions, "Flip the Script" Premiere & Holiday Party event by Nicole Butler at The Rage Complex in Chatsworth, CA. I got a chance to meet so many talented kids who were a part of this production, as well as those who came out to show their support! The multi-talented, Leeah D, was the host and she performed her latest song "My Swagg"!!! which is available on iTunes!!! Check it out!!!!

The host- "Leeah D" @ Flipt the Script Premiere Party

I finally met Dante Brown, 1/2 of "The Brown Boys". He attended and performed for the first time without his lil brother "Dusan Brown" because he is on the Disney's Lion King Tour as "Simba"!!!!! I was very impressed by this multi-talented performer!!! He is truly gifted!!!

Dante Brown of The Brown Boys

Dante Brown being interviewed on the red carpet.

Also, I met "Ashley Greene".... This is another triple threat! She can sing!!!! I didn't get a chance to see her on the red carpet, but I sure heard her while I was working the front door. She has an amazing voice !!!

Myself (Brea), Dante Brown, Ashley Greene & Mariah Wilson

Me & My twin Mariah Wilson

I'm working the door!!! I was caught off guard, Thanks Mom!

The red carpet host and other guests.

Me again- I'm done!!!

Brea Renee xoxo


Ms. King said...

Mariah!! Gotta luv her, she's so sweet & innocent looking. You guys do looks alike. Looks like you all had a blast :)

Breasworld said...

Thanks Ms. King for your comment! Everyone tells us that, including our moms.LOL We've been friends for 4 yrs!(=

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