Ms. Tina Knowles shut down rumors-" Beyonce is not Pregnant!!!"

Another rumor has surfaced that Beyonce Knowles Carter is pregnant!

But, Ms. Tina Knowles, denies all the rumors and will set the record straight on the Ellen Show today! By the way doesn't Ms. Tina look Amazing!!!
Above, is the most recent picture I took with her 2 weeks ago.
I see ya Sexy Mama!!!
Brea Renee xoxo


M I N G said...

Haha. I didn't think so

Ms. King said...

I didn't know, I just know that mags do lie. So I don't believe stuff until I hear the person actually say it. Btw, it's cool that you met Ms. Knowles :)

Breasworld said...

Thanks @MING & @Ms. King!! I know it was a pleasure to meet such a beautiful and talented woman and mother of a Superstar( Beyonce) who is my idol.LOL!!!

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